Supporting Staff Members

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Karissa Whitcomb-Tavey - Student Minister





Karissa is a graduate of Southern Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  As Student Minister at St. Andrew United Methodist Church, Karissa is responsible for all ministries and activities of children ages 3 years through 5th grade and youth grades 6 through 12.  

Contact Information for the Student Minister:  







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Tina Moss - Administrative Assistant

Tina is a graduate of Anderson College with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. As Administrative Assistant at St. Andrew United Methodist Church, Tina coordinates and organizes the operations of the office.  She is responsible for the financial, membership, and secretarial responsibilities of the church. 

Contact Information for the Administrative Assistant:


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Robin Owens - Media Director

Robin attended the University of SC and is a retired USD Court Administrator and SC Guardian ad Litem Coordinator.  She has been an active member of St. Andrew United Methodist Church since 1994.    As Media Director at St. Andrew United Methodist Church, Robin is responsible for the development and production of internal and external publications as well as for audio and video services and duties for all church services and special events.  She is also responsible for our website and facebook and social media sites.   

Contact information for the Media Director:

  • Telephone Number:  864-859-1567
  • Fax Number:  864-859-1388
  • Cell Telephone Number:  864-505-3166
  • Facebook:  St. Andrew UMC (Easley, SC)
  • Email address:



 (For Transmission of videos and media files)


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Josh Mahon - Choir Director

Josh is a graduate of Southern Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education.  As the Choir Director of the Chancel Choir for St. Andrew United Mehtodist Church, Josh is responsible for developing and implementing an overall music ministry that will promote within the congregation a wholesome and Biblically sound blended musical worship experience.   

Contact Information for the Choir Director:

  • Telephone Number 864-859-1567
  • Fax Number 864-859-1388
  • Cell Telephone Number
  • 864-561-3305
  • Email Addrss


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Bill Finley - Praise & Worship Leader

As the Praise & Worship Leader at St. Andrew United Methodist Church, Bill leads the Won by One Youth Praise Band and  worship for the Contemporary Service at 6:30 pm on Sundays.

Contact information for the Praise & Worship Leader:

  • Telephone Number:  864-859-1567
  • Cell Telephone Number 864-238-7621


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Thomas Owens, Organist


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Nancy Brown, Pianist


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Brooke Sorgenfrei - Sound Engineer


Brooke is a graduate of Southern Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services.  As Sound Engineer at St. Andrew United Methodist Church, Brooke is responsible for operating the sound equipment for worship services and special events.  She is also responsible for recording all services and for copying all audio files for the CD Ministry.

Contact Information for Sound Engineer

  • Cell Telephone Number 864-360-3303



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Pat Finley - Custodian

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John Pitts - Maintenance