Adult Ministry

Adult  Ministry - Sunday School Classes


Faith & Joy Class—Room #7—Sanctuary Building

 The Faith & Joy Class is designed specifically for the older men and ladies of the church.  Their faith and loyalty to the church sets them apart as role models for the entire congregation.  Kate Hyder is the teacher of this class.


Adult Fellowship Class—Room #8—Sanctuary Building

The Adult Fellowship Class is made up of men and women in their middle years.  Our class studies many subjects, applying Biblical principles to today’s challenges.  Theresa Eddleman is the teacher of this class. 


Upper Room Class—Room #1—Sanctuary Building

 The Upper Room Class invites men and women of all ages to come and join them in their study through the Cokesbury Adult Bible Quarterly Series where members discover God’s love, hope and truth.  This class is facilitated by various members.


Lucille Searcy Class Room #3—Sanctuary Building

This Sunday School class is made up of men and women ages 45 and up who want to learn God’s word, make a difference in the church and in God’s world.  They support each other and have a good time as they encounter life.  Teachers of this class are Gerri Houston, Jean Booty & Jimmy Owens


His Hands Class—Room #19—Family Life Center

 Class members are adults 25—50.  This class studies different topics, applying Bibllcal principles to the challenges they face each day.  This class is led by various members.  Darlene Wengerd and John Pitts are the contact leaders.